Small Van, Big Impact: How the Pedal Van is Shaping Sustainable Cities

Pedal Van

At Fernhay, we are at the forefront of this revolution with our innovative Pedal Van, a symbol of our commitment to creating multi-use/modular zero-emission cargo solutions. Our mission is not just about transforming the way goods are moved around cities but also about redefining what efficient, sustainable city living can mean. Today, I’d like to […]

Redefining City Mobility: The Rise of the eCargo Bike Revolution at Fernhay

eCargo Bike

In the heart of our bustling cities, an evolution is unfolding. It’s transforming the very essence of urban mobility and redefining efficiency in our daily operations. At Fernhay, we are at the forefront of this revolution, championing the eCargo Bike movement—a cornerstone in our commitment to crafting multi-use, modular zero-emission cargo solutions. Today, I’d like […]

Built for Efficiency, Designed for Sustainability: A Closer Look at the Fernhay eQuad


The quest for sustainable and efficient transport solutions has never been more urgent. At Fernhay, our mission is to pave the way for a greener, cleaner future, transforming urban mobility with our cutting-edge technologies. One of our flagship innovations, the eQuad, stands at the forefront of this transformative journey. This blog post dives into the […]

Revolution on Four Wheels: Exploring the Growing Popularity of eCargo Bikes at Fernhay

eCargo Bike

In the heart of our operations at Fernhay, a revolution is quietly unfolding on four wheels. It’s a movement that’s reshaping urban landscapes, transforming delivery networks, and most importantly, championing sustainability. This revolution, powered by the eCargo Bike, is a cornerstone of our zero-emission ecargo solutions, enabling companies to navigate city centers with unparalleled efficiency […]

The Future is Electric: Unveiling the Efficiency of the Fernhay eQuad


Our journey at Fernhay has been one of relentless innovation and a steadfast commitment to zero-emission logistics. At the heart of our mission lies the eQuad, a marvel of engineering that epitomises the future of urban cargo transport. A cornerstone of our zero-emission ecargo solutions, represents a leap towards addressing the complex challenges of urban […]

Pedal Toward a Sustainable Future: Join the eCargo Bike Movement with Fernhay

eCargo Bike

The concept of the eCargo Bike is simple yet revolutionary. By integrating electric power with traditional cycling, these vehicles offer a sustainable alternative for urban logistics, enabling companies to navigate the complexities of city centre operations without contributing to air pollution. But our mission at Fernhay is not just to promote an alternative mode of […]

Safety First: 10 Essential Tips for Riding Your eQuad in the City


Our commitment stretches beyond simply providing zero-emission ecargo solutions; it delves into ensuring that every journey with our eQuad is as safe as it is environmentally friendly. The eQuad, a cornerstone of our innovative offerings, epitomises the seamless blend of efficiency and sustainability, making city centre operations and parcel delivery not just cleaner, but smarter. […]

Invest in People, Invest in Green: eCargo Bikes – Building a Sustainable Community

eCargo Bike

We’ve always believed there’s a smarter, cleaner way to move around – a belief that led us to the heart of our mission: transforming urban logistics with zero-emission solutions. Central to this vision are our eCargo bikes, a cornerstone of our effort to build a more sustainable and efficient future. With each pedal and delivery, […]

Be Part of the Solution: Make Every Delivery Sustainable with Fernhay’s eQuads


Fernhay steps in with our revolutionary eQuad, a cornerstone in our suite of zero-emission ecargo solutions designed to empower companies to be more efficient across cities, especially in parcel delivery and city centre operations. The eQuad, developed by Fernhay, is not just a product but a beacon of change in the industry, leading the way […]