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Planting and hand

More than a dream

Fernhay has always had a desire to create cities where walking and cycling is the norm and green space combines with breathing fresh air.  As engineers and planners we thought we could actively do something about this, rather than just dream.  Our chosen focus was how we could create van free cities and scalable walking and cycling logistics.  And over the past few years we’ve been doing just that, with our unique parcel delivery system

Bringing ideas to life is magical. As an inventor and engineer, I know the feeling well, as do my co- directors who have a collective lifetime of creation. Although many people think big ideas pop into our heads in great shape and without warning, innovators know that creation takes work—a lot of work. 

Hand in hand

Learning and innovation go hand in hand for Fernhay.  We are innovating again in our approach to last mile logistics, as walking and cycling become ever more dominant in inner city communities in response to our socially distanced world. 

There’s always an element of chance when you create, and you must be willing to live with that element. If you insist on certainty, you will paralyze yourself and you are better off staying on the proverbial sofa and debating with the TV.

So innovation is not a still life image in a great gallery, it is a film that never stops (can’t remember where I got this from but it summarises the Fernhay approach to innovation).  The Fernhay eQuad and eWalker are the first films in the series and the sequels are in development as we adapt to our different world.  It won’t be a copy and paste, the characters will be the same (ish) but the story will be new and compelling.

We took on the challenge of being innovators and not imitators, we accepted the burden of uncertainty but also the hope and strength of purpose that goes with it. 




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