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City walking and cycling policy is changing the infrastructure, with vehicles giving way to increased road space for cycling and walking.  Practical necessity for social distancing in a Covid-19 world and worries about air quality, climate change, road and kerbside congestion, create particular challenges for a delivery solution focussed only on vans.

At Fernhay we have worked with our customers to understand what it might mean to move away from a focus on roads for vans towards a focus on roads for cycling and paths for walking with the results in what you see here.



Utility with style, enhances your brand yet delivers at the drop rates per hour you need.

With its sleek modern styling suitable for the 21st century, the Fernhay eQuad gets us into the core of the urban fabric. Its 4 wheel configuration (rather than a trike which is 3 wheel) allows for a narrower vehicle making it a better fit for congested city cycle lanes and roads, particularly in mega cities like London and Paris. It is designed to go where traditional cycle logistics cannot. Zero to 10 mph fast, and a drop density that means in a typical 3 minute cycle the operator would only be on the bicycle for 30 - 40 seconds. When you think along these lines, you will start to see some of the features that make our customers consider the eQuad is a very special product. Many styling options are available, including open and closed cab versions.


a friendly face to your business

smiling employees and glowing environmental credentials to make your customers smile back

the cube container

Balancing volume against cycle and walk friendly dimensions.

The Cube is the payload box at the heart of the solution. It is designed to work across all our equipment and can be moved by our electric assist eQuads and our powered walk aid, the eWalker.   The base dimensions are narrow and long to allow for very awkward loads to be carried such as a small carpet roll. The Cube comes in two different formats , either pre-loadable at depot or fixed depending on your operating model. The Cube also comes in a range of box size options, carrying volume of between 1.3 to 2.3 cubic metres.

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scalable and business focused

fit for purpose design creates the business case that works at scale

the fernhay ewalker

Manoeuvrable and friendly in a shared space.

To us, sustainable logistics means moving our Cube boxes around our cities in the most appropriate and logical way. The Fernhay eWalker allows an operator to move from road through cycle way and onto the pavement. The eWalker uses the same mechanisation as all other parts of our parcel delivery solution. It carries the same Cube containers as the Fernhay eQuad.  Talk to us to understand what is the right solution for your business and the cities where you operate.

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products that deliver fast

designed for accessibility on road, cycle ways or paths and ergonomics to match, mean drop rates are high

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15 Jul 2020, 07:00
Fernhay's innovative walking and cycle based system designed to optimise deliveries in city centres has launched in Dublin. Operating out of mini urban distribution centres and combining powered e-Walkers and e-Quad cycles, this model allows for last mile deliveries that don’t add to local emissions or congestion, enabling a step change in the way goods are delivered in busy city locations.
29 Jun 2020, 07:05
Fernhay is a winner of grant funding from Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency under the competition "Business-led innovation in response to global disruption". Fernhay was successful in this competition, which saw unprecedented interest attracting over 8,600 entrants.
28 May 2020, 13:46
A human’s unique ability to innovate enabled us to become top banana on the planet. It’s interesting to consider that at this difficult time, we are being challenged by a predator that has no conscious thought and no interest in humans other than as a host to continue unconscious existence. Us humans are retaliating by doing what we are best at – continuous innovation, research and development and hard graft.




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