The CUBE container system

At the center of our parcel delivery system lies a cube!  

The Cube container is loaded full of parcels and is designed to switch easily between transport types (e.g. depot, hub, eWalker and eQuad) and to one day enable pre-sorting of packages for delivery at source.

city friendly

To gain access to cities old and new, we have created a box which can share space with cyclists and pedestrians.  

The Cube has a narrow width which enables it to easily go through a standard open shop door. 

It can also pass through the majority of urban cycling infrastructure, and can be looked over when mounted on any of our last mile deployable assets.

On the mechanised version of the Cube, the roller shutter door option further enhances this focus by ensuring doors do not open onto cycle ways or paths.

utility focus

To replace a van you need to consider the parcels that a van transports. Throughout the design process we ensured that a ‘small carpet roll’ could be carried. This allows you to consider Cube for the majority of your delivery requirements,  and crucially this decision means we have significantly reduced the need for a van to go to the same location as a eQuad or eWalker.

Small box systems tend to ship air either inside or outside the box.  We have minimised this through a choice of width that will allow for 3 Cubes to be carried in an EU standard car trailer for upstream optimisation.

Side doors that open in their own housing allow for the full benefit of our parcel delivery system.  We will tailor to your depot whether it is down town or on the edge.  By having unique features and working with us,  you will see productivity increase as well as reducing the parcel handling through your operation.  

Finally a wide door opening to volume ratio and low height to length ratio on the Cube, allows for your operator to quickly locate parcels within the Cube.

choices and price

The primary product in our range is the mechanised Cube box with shutter door.  This is at the centre of our product range. 

For some, a fixed Cube box on a single last mile product will be right.  You may specify conventional doors and mechanical key locks. You may decide to increase volume trading off against you delivery agent being able to look over the top, but resulting in a pay load that will mean you deliver all day without returning to base.  

For a 24hr global logistics operator mechanisation to use 3 or 4 Cubes a day with one operator.

This is where our consultation process will establish your specific requirements and a bespoke quotation provided.

DIMENSIONS of the cube


Aluminium bonded composite construction

Multiple options on request




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