Fernhay eQuad Taxi Cube: Revolutionising Urban Transport

equad taxi cube

At Fernhay, our mission to reduce environmental impact through zero-emission eCargo solutions has taken a revolutionary step forward with the introduction of the Fernhay eQuad Taxi Cube. This innovative solution is not just a vehicle; it’s a leap towards a sustainable future, redefining urban transport, and shaping the future of shuttle services.   Reinventing Short-Distance […]

eQuad Kiosk Cube: Innovative Ways to Transform Your Mobile Retail Experience

equad kiosk cube

In the heart of Fernhay, innovation isn’t just a buzzword—it’s the very ethos that drives us forward. As pioneers in the realm of eco-friendly transportation solutions, our journey has always been about more than reducing emissions. It’s about reimagining the fabric of urban mobility and commerce, thereby crafting a future where sustainability and efficiency coalesce […]

The Ultimate Utility Vehicle: Exploring the eQuad


The transformation of urban mobility demands innovative solutions that address the complexity and vibrancy of modern cities. The Fernhay eQuad Utility Cube emerges as a beacon of innovation in this landscape, offering a glimpse into the future of urban logistics and maintenance. With the urban landscape ever-changing, the eQuad’s design and capabilities signify a major […]

Exploring the Versatile eQuad: Innovative Multifunctional Urban Solutions


The integration of eco-friendly technology with dynamic, adaptable design allows the eQuad to meet urban challenges head-on, reducing pollution and congestion in our cities. It embodies the essence of innovation, merging practicality with sustainability to forge a path toward greener urban environments. This pioneering approach showcases our commitment to not only envisioning but actualising a […]

Pedal Power for Progress: Exploring the Rise of the Eco-Friendly Pedal Van at Fernhay

Pedal Van

In the heart of our mission at our company, reimagining the way we navigate and nurture our urban landscapes sits at the core. It’s a journey fuelled not just by innovation but by a relentless commitment to sustainability. Amidst this pursuit, a transformative vehicle has begun to redefine the urban blueprint with its eco-friendly tread […]

Fernhay eQuad: Redefining City Logistics with Zero-Emission Solutions


We’re crafting the chapters of a more sustainable, efficient, and vibrant urban future. At the heart of this vision is the eQuad, a pioneering endeavour by Fernhay that promises to redefine the contours of city logistics through its zero-emission solutions. The challenges the conventional approaches to city logistics, encouraging us to think beyond the status […]

From Parcels to People: How eCargo Bikes are Revolutionising Urban Transportation

eCargo Bisiklet

Our journey at Fernhay began with a simple question: How can we make our cities cleaner, safer, and more efficient? The answer, we discovered, lay in redefining the concept of urban transportation. The eCargo bike, with its electric assist and robust design, emerged as a game-changer. It’s not merely about moving from point A to […]

Streamlining Urban Deliveries: The Benefits of Switching to the Fernhay eQuad


 The remarkable eQuad is not just a testament to the strides we are making towards zero-emission logistics but also showcases the flexibility needed in the fast-paced urban environments we operate in. Its integration into our operations has sparked a significant shift in how we view urban logistics and mobility, serving as a cornerstone for future […]

Tackling Urban Challenges: The Versatility of eCargo Bikes in City Logistics

eCargo Bisiklet

At Fernhay, we have placed our focus squarely on this transformative mode of transport, embedding it within the core of our mission to revolutionise city logistics. The journey with eCargo bikes is not just a venture into a greener future; it’s a deep dive into the heart of urban efficiency, community well-being, and environmental stewardship. […]

The eQuad Revolution: Why This Electric Cargo Bike is Changing the Game at Fernhay


As we delve into the story of the eQuad, I aim to share not just the facts, but the passion and vision that drive us at Fernhay. This is a narrative about changing the game in multi-use/modular zero-emission ecargo solutions, making companies more efficient across cities, and touching upon the various applications such as parcel […]