Let's reimagine cities together.


Reduce your environmental impact.

Our zero emission ecargo solutions enables companies to be more efficient across cities, including parcel delivery and city center operations.



Enabling cities to innovate.

eCargo Bike

Fernhay was founded in 2013 with the aim of reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion in cities.

Working in partnership with cities, municipalities, logistics companies and research institutions, we developed a range of zero-emission vehicles ecargo vehicles to enable clean city center operations reducing the need for vans. 

Our scalable solution is not only delivering proven, real world commercial benefits but also helping to move towards cleaner and healthier cities for everyone.

Fernhays robust equipment includes a powered eQuad, eWalker as well as our unique, Cube container. Narrow and unobtrusive our products fit through tight city streets to those locations which vans struggle to each, each efficiently carrying up to 200kg. 

Our tried and tested last mile parcel delivery solutions provide environmental benefits to the planet, people and improve an organisation’s profitability with a maximum efficiency response to the ever-growing complexity of cities. 

We offer a global servicing scheme with extended warranty. 

Let us become an integral part of your fleet strategy. 

Our products are on the road across Europe and the US and being used by, Department of Transport, New York City Parks, Vorboss, fin logistics and UPS.


Our eCargo Bike.

Engineered as a commercial vehicle.

Innovated from the bottom up. Superior build quality. Fernhay electric cargo bikes and walkers have set a new benchmark in this emerging category. With a strong steel frame, versatility, comfort and a large carrying capacity.

Designed by commercial vehicle engineers, Fernhay vehicles can tackle the toughest tasks with ease.

Windscreen - Be dry
A large windscreen to protect the rider from the elements

Wheels - Be safe
Aluminium Solid Wheels and Hubs with integral ball bearings and tubeless Pneumatic Motorcycle Tyres

Lights -Increased Visibility

Automotive LED lighting to improve visibility – for both rider and other road users.

Steel frame - Be protected

Robust structure


Solid floor - Be Comfortable
No matter what the weather conditions


Always Delivering.


Zero emission and silent

Designed to carry heavy loads

200kg of cargo and 2000l of space


 LiFeP04 UL and CE certified swappable batteries

Robust safe

Sturdy, stable and robust with
an iron frame

Designed for
the elements

Stay dry in all conditions

Designed for
Cycling infrastructure

eQuad Width 36 inches (910 mm)

Pneumatic motorcycle tires

Aluminium solid wheels & hubs with integral ball bearings

4 wheel – dual channel hydraulic brakes

Increased stopping power



eQuad Length 119 inches (3020 mm)

eQuad Width 36 inches (910 mm)

eQuad Height 77 inches (1950 mm)

Join us in building more sustainable cities

One Cube at time.


Global Service,
Global Parts,
Global Engineering.


Fernhay offers a full range of services, including spare parts, vehicle health checks, and tyre inspections for all its models. Our state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and skilled technicians ensure your vehicle receives the highest standard of care.


As your comprehensive solution for Fernhay servicing and parts, Fernhay Service provides top-tier vehicle care. Our expertise guarantees high-quality servicing, backed by the skill of Fernhay-trained technicians.

Our Promise

Fernhay-trained technicians are dedicated to maintaining the reliability and performance of your vehicle. Trust us to keep your vehicles on the road with our expert care and maintenance.



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