• scalable last mile solutions

    scalable last mile solutions

    We focus on how to move parcels and packets sustainably in cities. We do this in new ways that reduce the impacts of delivering parcels and ensure your customers benefit from lower costs at scale.   

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  • Walking and Cycling Solutions for the Last Mile

    Walking and Cycling Solutions for the Last Mile

    Enabling parcels and packets to be delivered in ways that reduce air pollution and kerb side congestion.

Van Free Logistics

Breathing fresh air into cities

With funding support from UK and Irish governments and partnership working with logistics companies and research institutions over several years, we have developed a range of zero-emission equipment to enable parcels to be delivered across our cities without the need for vans which reduces the environmental impacts of your business on the environments in which you operate. 


Our robust equipment includes a powered eQuad and a powered eWalker as well as our unique, container which is core to ensuring the scalability of the delivery solution.


All our equipment can operate either independently from a city hub, or from our towable transfer trailer.

Production is geared towards assembly of sub systems to allow for a tailored solution that is right for your operation and cost effective whether you are in town or on the outskirts, whether you are dealing with larger or smaller parcels and packets and the balance you want to achieve between Utility, Style and Price.


We aim to provide meaningful solutions and pieces of equipment that result in quantifiable benefits to your business operation. 


We will work with you to determine the right specification for your needs based on benchmarking your operation and understanding the way you wish to use and service the equipment we supply.

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13 Mar 2020, 18:19
Fernhay Partners Ltd, with Transport for London and partners to deploy our full containerisation system for last mile deliveries in London to support the transition to van free logistics at scale in high density urban environment.
20 Jun 2019, 13:46
A sunny day at Millbrook proving ground and the world of attendees at Electric Vehicle events was changing from woolly jumpers towards sharp grey suits. If you are an environmentalist this is a good day as we are finally starting to hit mainstream, and business is starting to take note of the opportunity, but that is not the story for the day dear reader.
12 Jun 2019, 15:43
I will never forget when a delivery driver walked over to the boss of the engineering workshop working on our eTrailer and blurted out ‘what is the point in that’. It was a hard think to hear but it is always important to hear views – good or bad- when developing your ideas.


Fernhay is an independent equipment manufacturing and design company, committed to creating zero-emission products for freight deliveries in cities. 

Our vision is of thriving cities, where parcels and packets are delivered nimbly throughout the streets in ways that reduce air pollution and kerb side congestion.   Cities are clean, the air is fresh and people enjoy the spaces around them. 

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