fernhay equad

Utility with style, enhances your brand yet delivers at the drop rates per hour you need

Fernhay’s engineers have made the innovative eQuad (four-wheeled e-assist cycle), which can be used to pick-up and deliver packages throughout the city. The 4 wheel configuration allows for a slim product, ensuring it glides more easily through congested spaces including city cycle lanes and narrow streets.



To carry our Cube box system, we needed to ensure cab length was kept to a minimum by clever design. The resulting short cab length makes for a sub 3m vehicle yet the Cube is 1,8m long.

A narrow width at 0,84m drove our 4 wheel choice and an extremely low centre of gravity ensure access to almost all areas of a city's cycle network along with a design that's stable at speed. 

A low load area and high seat allow for our operator as well as fellow cyclists to see around or over the eQuad.  

Reduced fatigue and parcel drop rates influence our step through design, the position of the pedals and seat as well as wheel placement.

Front suspension takes out road imperfections from the operator and adds crucial stability for a narrow vehicle.

Front hydraulic disc breaks and metal wheels with motorcycle tyres provide safety and stability to a solid build designed for routine maintenance and durability against a duty cycle.

eQuad and cube box parade Leamington Spa


A key design decision for us was to produce an attractive vehicle.  We want to be part of a movement back to cycling and walking at the core of city life.  

To achieve this, we believe that your operator and your customers will be happy to see your operator deliver your customers parcels and packages from the Fernhay eQuad. Happy customers make choices and you need them to choose you.

The styling of the eQuad has gone through an automotive development process and blends between the primary demand of utility and parcel drop rates. We also wanted to ensure that we would complement your existing fleet of vans.  

Styling is of a modern 21st century mini electric truck that started life with a positive vista for being part of a vibrant livable city with ‘Does the eQuad make you smile?’ as the styling mantra.


Quality is the right product for the right price. The world of pedelec freight solutions is low volume as we start to scale the movement away from vans.

With a long options list allowing for a tailored solution and a production set to allow for these variations,  you can choose from our entry-level eQuad through to a fully optioned design with your own tooled cab.  Each option adds value to brand image, parcel drop rates or health and safety.

We will work with you to determine what might be right for you, and then with a volume, delivery schedule, and service/maintenance package.  Your business quotation will reflect what we hope is a product fit for your needs at the right quality.


E Quad Width
E Quad length
E Quad Height


Specified to meet your day's duty cycle in collaboration with you and ranging from 1.5 to 6kwhr

Body options
Standard, includes mudguards 'OUT' - open cab body pack removes majority of road spray 'IN' - roofed cab version protects from rain

Body packs
Include operator storage bin

Electrical pack
Lights, indicators, hazards, horn

Security Pack
Mechanical pack including key ignition lock and key steering lock Electrical pack includes RFID auto locking of hydraulic hand brake and ignition

Reverse Gearbox
A mechanical reverse gearbox allows you to easily manoeuvre in tight spaces using pedals and power and if specified with electric pack will include reversing lights and audible noise





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