Shaping Tomorrow’s Cities: The Fernhay Journey with Vorboss

Fernhay, with our unwavering commitment to zero-emission solutions, is at the forefront of this transformation. Our collaboration with Vorboss in creating the LMV (lightweight maintenance vehicle) is a testament to this dedication.


LMV: A Game-Changer in Urban Mobility

Our journey began with a shared vision with Vorboss: to reduce the reliance on diesel vans in city centres. This collaboration led to the birth of the Vorboss, a marvel of engineering designed specifically for the dynamic urban landscape.


Nine Months of Innovation and Dedication

The Vorboss journey from concept to reality was a nine-month odyssey of innovation. Our design ethos was clear: create a vehicle that is not only efficient but also a beacon of sustainability. The Vorboss , with its four-wheel design, enclosed driver area, and secure cargo section complete with pull-out workspaces, is the embodiment of this ethos.


A Cost-Effective Solution for Modern Cities

Understanding the economic pressures of urban logistics, we ensured that the Vorboss is cost-effective. Its running costs, including servicing and battery charging, are a fraction of those for a van. This efficiency extends beyond mere economics – it’s about reducing the environmental footprint of urban transport.


Adapting to Urban Challenges

The Vorboss design is a response to the challenges of city life. It aligns seamlessly with London’s Clean Air Zone, representing a significant step towards cleaner, greener urban spaces. Our work with Vorboss signifies a shift in how we perceive and navigate city streets.


Expanding the Vision: Beyond London

Our vision with the Vorboss extends beyond London. The growing demand for e-bikes and e-cargo bikes worldwide is a clear indicator of a global shift. The global cargo bike market, worth $1.4 billion, is projected to rise significantly, signalling a broader acceptance of this sustainable mode of transport.


Supporting the Last Mile

The Vorboss is particularly suited for ‘last mile’ solutions – a critical component of urban logistics. Our approach is supported by industry developments, such as Kwik-Fit’s acquisition of the bike servicing start-up Fettle. This move indicates a growing recognition of the importance of e-bikes in the urban delivery chain.

Fernhay’s Commitment: A Greener Tomorrow

Our commitment at Fernhay goes beyond creating zero-emission vehicles. We are driven by a vision of redefining cities into spaces where sustainability and efficiency coexist. The Vorboss is our contribution to this vision – a symbol of hope and innovation.


Join the Movement

As we continue to innovate and collaborate, we invite you to join us in this journey. Whether you’re navigating the streets of London or contributing to the global shift towards sustainable transport, every ride on a Vorboss is a step towards a cleaner, more efficient future.

Looking Ahead

The road ahead is filled with opportunities and challenges. At Fernhay, we are ready to embrace both as we continue to develop solutions that redefine urban mobility. The Vorboss is just the beginning. Together, we can transform our cities, one ride at a time.


From the bustling streets of London to the global stage, Fernhay’s journey with the Vorboss is more than just about creating a bike. It’s about setting a new standard in urban transport – one that values the planet as much as it does efficiency. Join us as we pedal towards a greener, more sustainable future.




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