Cargo Size Guide: How Much Can You Really Fit in an E-cargo Bike?

The rising popularity of e-cargo bikes, especially in urban areas, has spurred many to question just how versatile these innovative transport solutions are. E-cargo bikes, as championed by industry leaders like Fernhay, are often touted for their efficiency and sustainability. Yet, one question often surfaces: “How much cargo can you really fit in an e-cargo bike?” Let’s delve deep and uncover the answers.


Understanding E-cargo Bike Design

Before we estimate the cargo size, it’s vital to understand the fundamental design elements of e-cargo bikes:

Front Loaders: These bikes feature a cargo area located in the front. The steering is either directly connected to the front wheel or through a linkage. Front loaders are suitable for larger loads or larger cargo boxes.

Rear Loaders: As the name suggests, the cargo area is at the back. These are commonly used for transporting smaller loads, like groceries or packages.

Longtails: Extended frame bikes where the cargo area is behind the rider, generally with a longer rear rack. Suitable for transporting children, bulky items, or attaching panniers.


Capacity: Breaking Down the Numbers

Weight: Most standard e-cargo bikes, such as those from Fernhay, can carry between 100kg to 250kg, including the rider’s weight. However, always check the manufacturer’s guidelines to ensure safe transportation.

Volume: When considering volume, think in terms of everyday objects. E-cargo bikes can generally carry the equivalent of 2-3 full grocery bags in their base cargo space, with larger models or those with additional panniers or boxes being able to carry more.

Dimensions: The physical space in e-cargo bikes varies based on design. For instance, front loaders can typically carry items up to 70cm x 50cm x 50cm. Again, specifics may differ, so always refer to the manufacturer’s specs.


Real-World Scenarios: How Much Fits?

To paint a vivid picture, let’s consider a few practical scenarios:

Grocery Runs: With an e-cargo bike, say goodbye to juggling multiple bags on a standard bike. You can easily fit a week’s worth of groceries for a family of four.

Parcel Deliveries:  For businesses, e-cargo bikes can be a boon. You could fit approximately 6-10 medium-sized parcels, making it efficient for local deliveries.

Furniture and Bulky Items: Picked up a flat-packed shelf or a new TV? Many e-cargo bikes, especially front loaders, can handle these with ease when appropriately secured.


Fernhay’s Offering: The Game Changer

At Fernhay, with our commitment to quality and innovation, have designed e-cargo bikes that address the real challenges faced by urban dwellers and businesses. Our models are both robust and flexible, ensuring you maximise cargo space without compromising on safety or ease of navigation.


Advantages of Opting for an E-cargo Bike

Beyond just capacity, e-cargo bikes present several benefits:

Economical: Save on fuel, maintenance, and parking. Over time, an e-cargo bike can prove to be a cost-effective choice.

Eco-friendly: Reduce your carbon footprint. With zero emissions, e-cargo bikes are a green alternative to cars or vans.

Traffic and Parking: Navigate through traffic with ease and forget the hassle of finding a parking spot.


Fernhay E-cargo bikes are not just a fleeting trend; they are a response to the evolving demands of urban life and a conscious move towards sustainability. The capacity we offer, coupled with the numerous benefits, makes them a compelling choice for individuals and businesses alike.

For those still on the fence or curious to see these numbers in action, remember this: the future is not just about moving faster, but smarter. And e-cargo bikes are undoubtedly a smart move.

Ready to see how an e-cargo bike can transform your last-mile deliveries? Explore Fernhay’s innovative designs and witness the perfect blend of capacity and sustainability. Contact us at Fernhay today and step into the future of urban transportation.