Driving Change: How Fernhay’s eQuad Prioritises the Environment

The concept of sustainable urban delivery has been revolutionised with the introduction of the eQuad by Fernhay. A cutting-edge solution designed for the last-mile delivery challenge, it combines cost-effectiveness with significant environmental benefits. This vehicle, which requires no driver’s license or vehicle registration, represents a significant leap forward in urban logistics.


The eQuad Concept

The eQuad is not just a vehicle; it’s a transformative approach to urban freight. Designed to be lightweight and efficient, it navigates urban landscapes with ease, bypassing traffic and reducing delivery times.


Key Features

One of the most striking features is its open-back and configurable design, which allows for a variety of modular setups depending on the cargo. The vehicle’s design is minimalistic, yet robust enough to handle the rigors of city transport.


Operational Benefits

In urban settings, the eQuad shines by enhancing last-mile delivery efficiency and reducing operational costs. Its electric drive system not only cuts down on emissions but also significantly reduces the noise levels compared to traditional delivery vans.


User Experience

The design prioritises user-friendliness and safety. With features like an enhanced braking system and low center of gravity, it ensures a safe and comfortable ride for operators.


Comparison with Traditional Delivery Methods

When compared to conventional delivery methods, it offers a more sustainable and cost-effective solution. Its operation requires fewer resources, and its maintenance is straightforward and less frequent.


Regulatory and Legal Aspects

The  introduction into the market has been supported by various urban policies aimed at reducing vehicular emissions and promoting sustainable transport solutions.


Future of Urban Delivery

As urban centers continue to grow, the demand for innovative delivery solutions like the eQuad is expected to rise. The continued evolution of such technologies will further enhance their effectiveness and adoption in cities around the world.



Fernhay represents a significant advancement in the quest for sustainable urban delivery solutions. With its combination of efficiency, safety, and environmental benefits, the eQuad is set to play a pivotal role in transforming urban logistics.




What makes it environmentally friendly?

It is environmentally friendly primarily due to its electric propulsion system, which emits no direct carbon emissions. This makes it an ideal choice for urban areas aiming to reduce pollution and improve air quality. Additionally, the eQuad is designed to be energy-efficient, utilising advanced battery technology to maximise range and minimise energy consumption.


How does the eQuad contribute to cost savings in delivery operations?

Operating the eQuad leads to significant cost savings in several ways. Firstly, its electric engine requires less maintenance compared to traditional fuel engines, which means lower ongoing costs for parts and labour. Additionally, the cost of electricity for charging the eQuad is generally lower than the cost of fuel for conventional delivery vehicles. The eQuad also optimises delivery routes and speeds, further reducing operational costs.


Is special training required to operate?

Operating an eQuad does not require any special training beyond the basic training typically necessary for similar electric delivery vehicles. While a driver’s licence is not needed, users must familiarise themselves with its operation and safety features, which are straightforward to learn. This ease of use is part of the design, making it accessible to a wide range of users.


What are the maintenance requirements for an eQuad?

The maintenance requirements for the eQuad are relatively low. Regular checks and basic upkeep include battery inspections, tyre checks, and ensuring that the electrical systems are functioning correctly. Unlike internal combustion engine vehicles, the eQuad does not require oil changes or exhaust system maintenance, simplifying its upkeep and reducing maintenance costs.


How does the eQuad handle different weather conditions?

The eQuad is equipped to handle a variety of weather conditions. Its design includes weather-resistant materials and features such as waterproofing elements to protect the battery and electrical systems. For enhanced safety, it is fitted with tyres suitable for wet and slippery conditions, and its low centre of gravity helps maintain stability in windy situations.


What are the security features of the eQuad?

Security is a key consideration in the design. It includes features such as GPS tracking, which allows owners to monitor the location of the vehicle in real-time. Additionally, it is equipped with secure locking mechanisms for both the vehicle itself and the cargo area. Some models may also include alarm systems and remote disabling features, enhancing security against theft or unauthorised use.



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